Ensuring Child Safety: The Importance of BS EN 14878:2007 Compliance in Personalised Children's Sleepwear

Ensuring Child Safety: The Importance of BS EN 14878:2007 Compliance in Personalised Children's Sleepwear


In the UK the British Standard BS EN 14878:2007 sets out specific requirements and specifications for the fire safety of children's nightwear. This standard plays a vital role in guaranteeing that children's sleepwear meets the highest safety standards. As the demand for custom, birthday, milestone, and occasion-specific sleepwear rises, the importance of adhering to these safety standards becomes paramount. 

Understanding BS EN 14878:2007

BS EN 14878:2007 is a European standard adopted in the UK, focusing on the flammability of children's nightwear. Its main objective is to minimize the risk of injury or harm to children caused by the ignition of sleepwear. The standard applies to all children's nightwear and pyjamas for children up to 14 years of age or with a height of up to 170 cm.

The Importance of Flammability Testing

At the core of BS EN 14878:2007 lies the vital aspect of flammability testing. This testing evaluates how children's sleepwear behaves when exposed to small open flames. By simulating potential scenarios where garments might come into contact with a heat source, such as candles or matches, the standard ensures that sleepwear has adequate resistance to ignition.

Flame Spread Index (FSI)

One critical aspect of the standard is the Flame Spread Index (FSI) test. This test assesses the speed at which flames spread on the surface of the fabric. The lower the FSI value, the slower the flames spread, indicating a safer garment. Children's sleepwear must meet strict FSI limits to comply with the standard's requirements.

Dimensional Stability and Labeling

BS EN 14878:2007 also addresses the importance of dimensional stability after washing. Proper labeling instructions are provided to manufacturers to ensure that garments maintain their integrity even after repeated washings. This aspect is crucial as any change in size could impact the flammability characteristics of the sleepwear.

Compliance and UK Regulations

For children's sleepwear manufacturers and retailers in the UK, compliance with BS EN 14878:2007 is not optional. Adherence to this standard is mandatory to meet the legal requirements set forth by the UK government. Non-compliant sleepwear should not be sold or distributed in the UK market.

Amidst the growing popularity of personalised sleepwear, there is a rise in part-time crafters and sellers, often found on social media platforms, offering customised pyjamas without adhering to safety standards. Such a lack of awareness or disregard for safety requirements puts children at risk, as these sleepwear items may not meet the necessary safety standards.

Choose Safety, Choose BS EN 14878:2007 Certified Sellers

When purchasing personalized children's sleepwear, it is essential to opt for sellers who have obtained BS EN 14878:2007 certification for their products. Choosing certified sellers ensures that the sleepwear has undergone rigorous testing and meets the stringent safety standards outlined in the standard.

By supporting BS EN 14878:2007 compliant sellers, we not only ensure the safety of our children but also encourage responsible practices within the industry. 

Peace of Mind Through Rigorous Testing

As a responsible seller, we take child safety very seriously. To ensure the safety of our children's sleepwear, we recently underwent extensive testing of our printing methods and techniques through an accredited testing house. We are proud to announce that we have received official certification confirming that our products conform to the UK Safety Class A requirements of BS EN 14878:2007.

As a result Sassy Cub Ltd are pleased to confirm we can now offer personalised children's sleepwear. We can provide bespoke designs that are tailor-made to your vision so if you have a design in mind please contact us.

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